1 SEPTEMBER 2016 • 1:52PM
Prince Harry delighted children in Aberdeen by showing them he knew how to ‘dab’, which is a viral dance move in which the dancer drops their head to their elbow and raises their other arm, as if they are sneezing.

Abbie Little was at the official engagement on Tuesday at Robert Gordon University, and filmed Prince Harry’s stealthy attempt at the dab.

She wrote on Facebook: “So I caught Prince Harry dabbing today…”.

Dabbing is said to have originated in the Atlanta hip-hop scene, but gained mainstream attention in 2015 as NFL players and multiple celebrities ‘dabbed’ on television.

Young people now often film and photograph each other dabbing as a joke and post it online.

It is still perhaps surprising that news of the viral dance move has reached the Royals.

Prince Harry was attending a youth sports initiative at the university, where he played mini tennis, street hockey and form of one-on-one football known as Panna KO.

His presence at the university delighted the children at the Streetsport initiative

While there he learned about the Streetsport scheme, which sees volunteers take free weekly sports and art sessions into Aberdeen’s communities in order to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Ferdinand Von Prondzynski, the university’s principal, said: “It’s a really good day for the university but also for Aberdeen, because this is about creating a sense of community, particularly in less advantaged communities.

Video by Abbie Little

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