Tap & Jazz

Using the ADAPT Syllabus students learn fundamental steps, gaining strength and flexibility


Students acquire the foundation of proper alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination and musicality.

Tiny 2’s/Tiny Dance

Combines technique with performance and story telling, experiencing more of an emotional performance and story telling.

Hip Hop & Acro

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic

Upcoming Events

yorkton summer camp

Yorkton Kids Summer Camp

Registration now open! For more information find us on Facebook or call on (306) 621-3834

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NEWPrivate Lessons

$0123456789001234567890/hourPrivate lessons can be requested and will be available pending teacher availability.
3AM - 5PM
Hanna Elvarez
10 weeks

About us

Our Yorkton Studio opened its doors in 2015.

Our newest Extravadance Dance Studio offers a full schedule of dance lessons for Yorkton kids and teens. Starting from preschoolers, Extravadance instructs our Dance students in Basic Dance, expanding their dance education in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyric and Musical Theatre.

175 Gladstone Ave S, Yorkton, SK S3N 2B7, Canada
237 Railway Ave, Canora, SK S0A 0L0, Canada
319 Main St N, Preeceville, SK S0A 3B0, Canada

Just registered our daughter for her third year. The studio has such a welcoming atmosphere. The teachers and staff are just amazing, they truly care about each and every dancer. We look forward to being part of the Extravadance family for years to come!
Amber Cramer

Always kind and welcoming! Brynley always enjoys her teachers and loves coming to class
Katie Martin

Don’t think small town brings less. Extravadance Studio compares with city studios, hands down. The passion for dance shows in every step.
Welma Bartel

Weekly Schedule

Ballet Lessons
MONDAYFrench st, 123
06 - 08 PMAnna Shelton
TUESDAYFrench st, 123
05 - 07 PMRebeca Hall
WEDNESDAYFrench st, 123
04 - 06 PMRebeca Hall
THURSDAYFrench st, 123
05 - 06 PMMark Drew
FRIDAYFrench st, 123
05 - 07 PMRebeca Hall
SATURDAYFrench st, 123
08 - 09 PMJosephe Rogers
Salsa Time!
MONDAYFrench st, 123
04 - 05 PMAnna Shelton
TUESDAYFrench st, 123
06 - 07 PMMark Drew
WEDNESDAYFrench st, 123
02 - 04 PMNina Morton
THURSDAYFrench st, 123
08 - 09 PMMark Drew
FRIDAYFrench st, 123
04 - 05 PMJosephe Rogers
SATURDAYFrench st, 123
03 - 05 PMRebeca Hall

Tuition Fees

Registration Fees
A non-refundable registration fee of $25 per dancer is due at time of registration. This does not apply to our 8-week session dancers. Registered dancers receive a reduced rate on birthday parties and day/summer camps.
Class Costume Fees
All classes (minus 8 week sessions) will have a year-end costume ordered for them. The deposit of $75.00 (per class) is due October 1st, 2022, and the balance of $40-$60 will be due come February- March.
Entry Fees
Entry fees will be released once we know where we are competing. For most groups competing locally it will be $25. Some dance families have competition credits from 2020 that we will use if we can attend those competitions.

Find Your Course

Find out our next available admission programs and new members

    Our Teachers

    View available class schedules by location, time and day and for secure online registration.
    Gabriela Asowitz

    Pavel Novicki

    Irina Targeiev

    Emma Rodriguez


    Dancer of the Month

    Dancer of the Month

    Each month our teachers will nominate a dancer

    February Stretch and Practice Challenge Winners

    A HUGE shout out to all of our dancers that participated in our Fit February Challenge. Our Winners of the highest Minutes are: 6 Years & Under Canora - Silver Brass Preeceville - Avaya Meberg Yorkton - Megan & Ashley Thompson 7-10 Years